Sound Healing - HSM & YOU

More and more, society is recognizing the health benefits of sound as medicine. The Sound & Consciousness Institute lists the following uses of sound/music in:

  • relaxation and stress relief
  • pain control
  • reduction of anesthesia and medications
  • sound surgery to restore tissues as well as break up stones and cancer tumors
  • neurodevelopmental remediation
  • correction of auditory tonal processing difficulties
  • abatement of hearing sensitivities
  • correction of learning disabilities, accelerated learning
  • birthing assistance
  • meditation, consciousness raising, connecting to spirit

A private session with Heartsong session consists of Reiki amplified by a soundscape of world instruments, vocals and quartz crystal bowls. This unique sonic journey:

  • charms your mind into stillness;
  • heightens your body's awareness of energy;
  • tunes and balances your chakra system;
  • creates the space to hear your innate wisdom.

The sacred space of this session brings you personalized sound rituals traditionally explored by shamens in many cultures throughout the world. The subtle energies in your body resonate and attune themselves to the vibration, instrumental sound and spiritual song channeled for you. A Soundwork session is different every time and the form is based on intuitive perception. The instrumental and vocalization soundscape over your relaxed body are exactly what is needed to restore, to balance and to activate the healthy flow of your body's energy system. The 90 minute session format begins with an intentional conversation between you and Heartsong. After the sound healing tones settle, there is a little time to reflect upon, discuss and consolidate the experience.