Sounds Well for Seniors

Sound medicine and music therapy are scientifically researched and acclaimed as effective tools for mind-body wellness. Instrumental and vocal arrangements have been proven to facilitate concentration, relaxation, learning, creativity, and to manage pain. Music therapy is commonly used as a healing modality in hospitals, health centres and wellness studios for the:

  • reduction of anesthesia and medications
  • correction of auditory tonal processing difficulties
  • abatement of hearing sensitivities
  • correction of learning disabilities
  • management of pain
  • musical thanatology - music to help with dying

Music connects us to ourselves and to each other. A myriad of studies have shown that sound medicine and music therapy can:

  • reduce depression among older adults
  • enhance social/emotional skills
  • assist in recall and language skills
  • decrease problem behaviors

This 60-minute soundscape session rejuvenates and deeply relaxes participants. Listeners are introduced to the pure tones of Quartz crystal bowls tuned to the chromatic scale. The Ocean Drum, the Buffalo Drum and an assortment of world instruments are played in conjunction with serene chants. The vocalizations and meditative tones charm the mind into stillness. Seniors remain comfortably seated, eyes closed in a warm dimly lit room. Once settled, the seniors are led on an imaginative sonic journey. Natural settings are used as guided visualizations. Seniors experience sounds that bring to life a field of butterflies, a vibrant forest or the rhythmic sounds of the ocean. Some sessions may invite the group to collaborate and participate in the soundmaking. Sounds Well for Seniors concludes with gentle stretching exercises based in qigong (or ch'i kung) to transition from the deep state of relaxation to everyday routines.