Soundwaves - HSM Events

When employees take the time to re-fuel and re-energize their vitality levels, productivity increases, a more positive attitude follows, fewer health issues result and the work environment is generally less stressful. This interactive workshop is designed to provide individuals with innovative ideas to manage their own stress levels.

Participants learn how to:

  • breathe to relax the body
  • tone to clear stress-inducing thoughts
  • shift the brain waves into the theta state, so creativity, inspiration and intuition can be consciously accessed
  • receive and create sound for the purpose of energizing the self as well as others

Just as music can create emotional responses, Sound Waves at Work promotes a meditative sense of well-being. This revitalizes and ignites people to be clear of mind, focused and more productive.

Workshops can run for 90 minutes or half a day and can be tailored to suit small or large groups.